As a small business, your website is one of the most important things in running your business. A good website improves your brand image and builds trust with the customers. However, having a website doesn’t mean you’ll get more sales or conversions. The key to more sales and conversion is adding modern website design elements to your site that help you stand out in front of competitors while offering a seamless service to your customers. Here are some of the top website design elements that’ll help you give your visitors a better experience and make it easier for them to enter the sales funnel.

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Smooth Navigation

Cluttered navigation and long loading times are the biggest killers of your sales. If a customer can’t determine where the product is located, they can’t make a purchase. Lots of small businesses create too many web pages to highlight all of their services which ends up cluttering the website and making it harder for visitors to navigate through it. So always remember there’s a fine line between an interactive website and an annoying one, and an annoyed customer will not return for a purchase no matter how well you market a product.

Brand Image

Your brand image is the value you want to create in your visitor’s minds. It’s different from branding because the brand image is more about the kind of feeling your visitors get after interacting with your company. It helps build trust and create customer loyalty. For example, if you have a friendly chat option on your website, it makes your brand appear friendly and customer-centric. Moreover, establishing a rewards program cultivates brand loyalty and creates a positive image of your company in the customer’s mind.

Good Content

Content isn’t just important for making your site appear authoritative, but it also helps with other things like SEO and SEM. You can’t use SEO practices without having content on your website. The content also helps increase your website ranking even if you’re just starting because Google’s algorithm prefers informative and authoritative websites. Besides that, good content will also help visitors understand your business and the services you offer. The key to adding good content is to keep it simple and concise. That way, anyone visiting the website can understand it.

Consistency Across Different Platforms

This is one of the biggest factors why businesses lose a sale. Not all users will have a desktop setup or a laptop available to visit your website. Many people explore products and services in their leisure time on their phones. So if your website doesn’t translate on tablets or phones, you won’t get the visitor to enter the sales funnel. Not just that, but a bad experience might hurt your reputation.

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Bigger Elements

Websites with bigger elements and less content are more visually appealing. Instead of writing all the information on a single page, companies should make separate service pages for each of their services. Additionally, using images and animation to explain your services is also better than having a wall of text. Visual elements like images and videos generate a better response rate than words because people have short attention spans, and if they can’t find relevant information fast, they’ll leave the site.

Authentic Information

A lot of businesses publish information on their website based on what their competitors are posting. But that doesn’t mean the information shouldn’t be cross-checked or modified. Improper information frustrates visitors more than a lack of information because they have trouble determining the workings of a product or a service. As a result, they’re more likely to leave and purchase elsewhere than to stick around and browse through unorganized information.

Cohesive Branding

Your website should reflect your brand at all times so visitors can make a visual connection. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the landing page, the service page, or the site’s cookie policy; each page should have your unique branding to make the site more authoritative and cohesive. Otherwise, it looks incomplete, and visitors might not have a good visual experience.

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Seamless Checkout

One of the major things businesses struggle with is giving customers a seamless checkout experience. There are too many steps, and sometimes the site asks for too much information from the customer, which sours their experience, and they end up forgoing the purchase. Just because there’s a checkout form doesn’t mean you have to ask for everything from the customer. A minimalistic form with multiple payment options is the way to go.

White Space

Sticking to the minimalist design, white spaces are an important element of a modern website. White spaces prevent visitors from getting overwhelmed by too much information, which clouds their ability to make good judgments. Moreover, a balanced white space-to-content ratio makes the site look crisp and clean. It increases readability, and people can find the information they’re looking for easily.

Eco-system Based Design

Keep in mind that designing a website should be based on the services you offer and the industry you’re based in. this means sticking to popular colors and design elements that tell your customers what type of business you are. For example, for e-commerce businesses, picking green, yellow, and red colors are ideal because it helps customers identify your brand as an eCommerce brand. For an electronics website, muted tones like gray, black, and darker shades of blue give the website a more sophisticated look.

Speed Optimization

A website that takes too long to load isn’t going to generate any sales. People only stick around for a few seconds before determining if the website is worth it, and if your website isn’t even done loading in that time, you can forget about making a sale. Reducing image sizes, the number of elements on a page, and minimizing HTTP requests can increase the loading speed of your website.

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